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Tradition and innovation, experience and continuous search for new combinations. The creative cuisine is never out of nowhere, the ingredients and techniques of traditional cuisine, especially of a land rich in flavors such as ours Sicily, are always a starting point, a cultural background, a continuous path that leads to new experiences flavor. Contrasts that come out is often concealed the success of an unforgettable recipe.


In the heart of one of the largest historical centers of Europe and stratified, the Kalsa, the popular neighborhood of Palermo, the Eighth Note is a short walk from Cala, ancient port of the city, from the lush Piazza Marina and the most well known historical markets.


Select, find, select again. The art of creating masterpieces in the kitchen starts right from the choice of ingredients. The freshness and genuineness of each ingredient of each dish are the fundamental bases of success, simple or complex.


What is it that transforms a range in full and rewarding experience for all the senses? Certainly, the skill, experience and creativity of the chef, but there is also something more. There is an ingredient that is not in the menu, is the atmosphere and the magic of a place.

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